股本 & 社会影响

Finding your voice is a process that requires meaningful collaboration and empathy within a community.

画了's inclusive community is made up of diverse people and allows every single person to show up and be their authentic selves. 股本 and social impact work at 画了 fosters an environment in which equity and respect for others are core and where you can show up without concern of prejudice.

  • 让学生了解自己是多方面的个体.
  • To learn about and how to respect the differences and similarities of others.
  • To be able to broaden awareness about the world and how it interconnects with one's own life.
  • 培养文化能力.
  • To build a community of trust, honesty, openness, dialogue, and respect here at 画了.
    • Dr. 阿兰•赛克斯



In order to allow for our mission to empower student voice and maximize impact, 网赌加拿大pc网址社区致力于公平, 表示, 以及建立在关爱社区基础上的社会正义. We bring these values to life through curriculum and programs that promote respect and belonging.** 画了’s approach reflects our belief that social justice work is grounded in appreciation for, 的表达, 关注每个人相互交织的身份. 
创造一个不容忍歧视的包容环境, 画了提供了持续挑战和成长的机会. We hold ourselves accountable to these values through our policies and practices.

*社会公正:一个过程, 不是结果, 哪一个(1)寻求资源的公平(再)分配, 机会, and responsibilities; (2) challenges the roots of oppression and injustice; (3) empowers all people to exercise self-determination and realize their full potential; (4) and builds social solidarity and community capacity for collaborative action.--社会政策研究中心

归属感:“不仅仅是被看到或感觉被包容, belonging entails having a voice and the opportunity to use it to make demands upon society and political institutions. Belonging is more than having access; it is about the power to co-create the structures that shape a community.(摘自《网上正规赌网址大全》——他者与归属研究所)

What do these practices look like at 画了, and how do they reflect the school’s mission?

《网赌加拿大pc网址对多样性的承诺》中的承诺, 股本, 包容, 归属感都是渴望的,也是真实的. They are aspirational because they reflect 网赌加拿大pc网址’s very real commitments. However, we are not yet “all the way there;” we work towards these aspirations daily. Our commitments are real because our movement towards these goals is reflected in our policies and practices and is woven into our professional development. 通过这些方式, we are consistently deepening our understanding and getting closer to our goals for 多样性, 股本, 包容, 和归属感.



  • 股本

    • 教师 and 工作人员: Over 20 hours of training and discussion about personal and professional 关于种族的经历.
      • 小组讨论
      • 亲和小组会议.
    • 学生在关于种族协议的勇敢对话中的讨论.
    • 定期的专业发展注重公平和包容.
    • 学习计划
    • 差异化的指令
    • Herbst学习中心
    • 支持学生参与网赌加拿大pc网址体验的所有部分.
  • 表示

    • 改变思想指导委员会和俱乐部
    • 心理健康年度峰会
    • 关注身份和心理健康的交叉点. 
    • 用声音、肢体、语言等多种方式来表达 
    • 艺术和表演:在更广泛的社区中分享自己的想法
    • Incorporation of content related to race, ethnicity, class, 性别, 性取向 into courses.
    •  鼓励学生探索自己的兴趣和能力范围.
  • 社会正义

    • Developing the understanding that every person has their own “why” that influences their engagement in the community. 
    • 鼓励在课堂上提出真实的问题
    • 亲和力组
    • 亮丽人生联盟
    • 身份, 股本 and 社会正义 are embedded throughout the advisory curriculum. 
    • 每个学生都被看到和听到.
    • Empowers students to explore their own 感兴趣s while exploring a social justice issue.
    • 多样性, 身份, 正义, and Action integrated into Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings across the curriculum.

2021 - 22了

网赌加拿大pc网址是 亮丽人生联盟, 夏威夷的学校联盟, 加州, and Hong Kong that is committed to exploring and discussing equity and social justice. 每年, 联盟询问学校的队列, 由学生和教师导师组成, 参与为期一年的关于多样性问题的探索, equity and inclusion to design an action project that promotes and affirms the value, 尊严, 还有他们学校社区里每个人的人性. 今年的香提联盟活动包括:
画了 faculty is in the midst of a collaboration that will result in increased capacity with the integration of social justice-focused themes and content into 画了’s curriculum and pedagogy. The curriculum design project integrates Understanding by Design’s curricular framework with Learning for 正义’s 社会公正标准.
网赌加拿大pc网址的教职员工目前已经进入第二年 关于种族的勇敢对话. 在第一年, the faculty and staff were led by facilitators from the Pacific Educational Group as we learned about the Courageous Conversation protocol while engaging in discussion about race in the United States. 随后是亲和小组工作和年终高峰会议, 每一次都给了我们关于协议的额外经验. 第二年, 网赌加拿大pc网址的10人股权领导团队是促进集中, protocol-informed discussions that invite the faculty and staff to reflect upon our racial identities, 关于种族的经历, 以及种族如何影响我们在学校的工作. 


画了 builds community by intentionally devoting space and time for students to connect with peers linked by a common background, 感兴趣, 或者通过亲善团体实现目标.

无论是基于文化和种族背景, 国籍, 社会经济地位, 性别, 性取向, 性别认同/表达式, 宗教或信仰, 能力/残疾, 学习的区别, 年龄或世代, 信念和价值观, 或者态度和观点, 这些团体为学生提供了探索和分享身份问题的空间.


  • 亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民

    AAPI provides 画了's 亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民 students a safe space to share their experiences, 讨论与种族和身份相关的问题, and explore the many different cultures of their roots in Asia and the Pacific Islands.
  • 黑人学生会

    黑人学生会 provides black students at 画了 a safe space to be able to speak openly and honestly about the challenges they face both within the school and beyond.
  • 网赌加拿大pc网址犹太船员

    网赌加拿大pc网址犹太船员庆祝和纪念富有的宗教, 历史, 和犹太教的文化传统. 除了为犹太学生提供一个亲密的空间, the Jew Crew sometimes celebrates these traditions with the entire 画了 student community.
  • 第一代俱乐部

    The 第一代俱乐部 brings together students who are first generation Americans to discuss and celebrate their experiences with the cultural and linguistic diversity that is part of their daily lives.
  • 性别和性意识

    性别和性意识 (GSA) is a safe space for students of all 性取向s and 性别 identities to discuss LGBTQ+ issues.
  • LatinX

    LatinX为学生提供了一个安全的庆祝空间, 培养, 提高人们对西班牙语文化遗产的认识.
  • 妇女组织

    Women’s Group is a safe space for self-identified women to meaningfully engage with their individual and shared experiences.



  • 52.3%

  • 19.8%

    Latinx /西班牙裔美国人
  • 23.3%

  • 26.7%

  • 7%

  • 2.3%

  • 3.5%

  • 2.3%




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网赌加拿大pc网址了解并信任青少年. We engage each student in a process of intellectual discovery to develop an individual voice, 表达的信心, 以及理解其影响的同理心.
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